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Intro to me

I am currently, but soon will not be, an intern at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. I am loved by God. I love God. I don’t always act like that’s true, but it is. In fact, I just messed up a couple minutes ago, but I know that He forgave me as soon as I asked. I don’t want to do that thing again, and He knows that. I love that He wants me to say that out loud; it’s the best for me. It makes it a little more official and puts it in m heart. I just kinda wish I could hear from Him more.

To me it seems like when I’m talking, I can focus, however, when I try to listen, a rush of thoughts scramble through my mind, and my mental train takes a crooked jog down numerous interconnected tracks. After a few minutes I catch up with myself and try to slam on the brakes, but even that’s distracting. Wait what was I doing anyway?


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