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Cold Times

Here in Kansas City, the temperature has dropped into the numbers that start with 1. Like 17, 12, 15, and so forth. Yesterday came the snow, which wasn’t all that much, but the wind drifted it into large looking piles strewn about. Personally, I’ve rarely, if ever, experienced such flurries in my life, and I certainly hope it does not happen again. The thing about it is that it’s so cold that social lives are quenched by the mighty desire to stay indoors (more specifically: bed), and the main topic of conversation is the weather. I get tired of that topic sooner than most, but at times I do catch myself bringing it up. I suppose its a subconscious effort to find something all have an opinion on, even if it’s most likely the same. I remember reading somewhere that we humans factor in the popularity of a song or band in to the decision as to whether we like it or not. The article said that since we are social creatures, we try to like the things we believe the majority does too (and dislike the things that seem disliked). I see it as something deeper.

I see it as an attempt to bandage a heart wound put there by rejection. We all know rejection can come from all sorts of sources. I don’t think many know how often rejection wounds happen, or how effective they are at scarring us. We don’t want our hearts wounded so badly that we will do things we don’t like to do, just to feel a level of acceptance. I remember thinking to myself as approached several of my friends last night as we were all hanging out, “Now what should I say? I’ll complain about how cold it is outside! Yeah, that’ll get a smile and a response! Let’s do it.” While that’s not entirely verbatim actually, I thought of a slew of other thing to say or do within those seconds between the decision to talk to them and when I actually said something. However, while I was complaining about the cold, I was thinking about how pointless the whole conversation was, and how I was simply looking for someone to tell me that I have something to say. I think that it’s a natural desire, but can also be met in very unhealthy ways. I believe there are many (okay, most of the people in America) that are addicted to fulfilling that desire unhealthily. The same could be said about many other desires, but I won’t go there now.  My opinion is that there is a healthy way to fill that proverbial hole. His name is Jesus.

Jesus has perfect gifts, individually tailored to our needs. He is more than we could desire, but He loves to also give us gifts. His love can overpower anything, but He gives us a choice. His beauty outshines anything, but He calls us to Him using love and truth. His leadership is perfect, He just lets us believe we are calling the shots. He even lets us call the shots if we don’t want to go to Him. His main desire is that we love Him. Whatever else we do, He considers good and wise, as long as it does not detract from out love for Him. Free will: what a gift.


One comment on “Cold Times

  1. “I believe there are many (okay, most of the people in America) that are addicted to fulfilling that desire unhealthily.”

    I think that is true for most of the people in Europe, too. I was thinking, no I am thinking about this subject a lot during the last weeks / month. How am I trying to fulfill this desire? What am I doing… And I got to the same point you were at last night.

    “His leadership is perfect.”That’s what I am trying to get into my head… I should know it out of expirience but it still is difficult. Knowing that he has a plan and that it will be perfect but struggling with letting him take over control. But at the end he knows what to do and why.

    Got definitly got some interessting thoughts… looking forward to read more… Would tell you to read my blog but it’s in german which might be a problem for you 😉


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