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Christmas Word Doodling

Well, it’s Christmas! And I have barely anything to do! Again! Yeah, I don’t know how good this Christmas is going to be, especially since it’s almost over for most people. I am on the nightwatch, so my Christmas goes until tomorrow at 6 a.m., however, that doesn’t make it much better. Until I remember the devotional I wrote for the church Advent devotional. I mentioned something about wanting to enjoy Christmas because of Jesus, not the gifts and whatnot. That’s a bit ironic.

Adding to the irony is the fact that I’m going to be eating dinner with a group of friends that I’ve grown quite close to over the past six months. They are as close to a loving family that I’ve had. It’s true, I am living with my brother, but come on, that’s one person! The rest of my family is about twelve hours away, nixing the idea of spending it with them. When I think about it, I probably am not helping myself with this pity party.

You know, this could turn out to be a great Christmas! Forget this Debby Downer junk! I am looking forward to the rest of this day! I think there’s a chance it’ll be great fun! I’m going to go enjoy my Christmas now…


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