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Post Christmas

Well, my worries communicated in Christmas Word Doodles were totally baseless. I did have a great time at a friend’s pad with a small group of our friends; we ate until we groaned when offered more, we watched a cheesy Christmas movie, and had a great time of fellowship (glorified socializing).

While I received no Christmas presents this year, I feel content with what I did get: time with some family (okay, only one person there was a blood relative of mine, but the rest are basically family), great food, and some quality fun (making fun of the movie, not the movie itself). All that pales in comparison to what I did for 5 hours last night: I spent time with my God. I went to the Prayer Room (not the exclusive place to meet with God, but it facilitates it nicely) and sat before Him. It was wonderful. This was a good Christmas this year.


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