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Ushering My Way To…

Lately I’ve started to serve more in the International House Of Prayer as I continue the process of getting on staff. My main venue of service is ushering in the Prayer Room. I’ve been learning much about myself and others through it.

Ushering, at it’s most basic form, is assuring that people aren’t distracting to others or sleeping, and enforcing the health code along with other house rules.

I’ve found that ushering brings my passive-aggressive tendencies to the surface. As an example, when I see someone sleeping while sitting at a table, I generally just hip bump the table as I walk by, rather than actually stopping and waking them as I should. It’s extremely passive of me, and probably looks ridiculous.

Ushering also brings out the part of me that enjoys feeling in control of a large group of people (like I imagine a dictator feels). I know, it sounds horrible, but I try not to be too ridiculous, and the passive tendencies keep me in check. It’s a nice paradox, I like being in control, but I don’t like exercising my power. Hmm.

Ushering is teaching me many things. Maybe I’ll get more of them on here as time goes on, until then, just remember this: if you ever come to the Prayer Room and I am wearing the yellow vest, please keep your shoes on, stay out of the side rooms unless you have them reserved or something, don’t sleep, talk only to God, and don’t sit in the fire exit area. Thank you!


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