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Relaxing Night

I just spent most of my day in front of a laptop watching past episodes of the FOX show, “Bones”. A part of me condemns me for wasting precious time. Another part of me is totally okay with it. Bones is a pseudo-cerebral activity to me. I imagine that while watching it, I am using my mind enough to justify it…to my parents. I don’t even live with my parents anymore. However, I do live with my brother, and there’s still a family connection there. Seems like my family and their perception of me still holds great influence over me. Don’t yours?

Anyway, so I’ve spend about 7 hours in front of this screen, and I really don’t feel bad about it. I’ve been under stress, and I think that mindless activity has relaxed me, which my body would naturally welcome. It’s like a nice trip to the beach with a big jug of cold lemonade and some trusted friends (or one special friend). However, I have no beach or lemonade, and my trusted friends are unavailable… and all that takes money that I don’t really have, but that’s another source of stress. Avoid stress is the goal for today. Usually I take the day off on Monday, but I arbitrarily decided to take tonight off too; I’m not committed to any particular schedule.  Oh what a life!


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