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Something We All Do

I’ve been going through a small rough spot lately, and I don’t think I’m the first one to hit this one. Actually, I’ve found that, generally, we never go through things that someone else hasn’t gone through either.

I love God. It’s true. I love Him. But do I always like talking to Him? Not really. I fill my days with the most pointless things, rather than talking to Him. I feel an internal nudge, but part of me kicks against it. I know it could be a natural human tendency, and I know it could also be laziness or something. I don’t want to fall into apathy. I know that being concerned about becoming apathetic is good, but I know that doing something about that is even better.

There are things that I would like to get done, but they come to mind at the worst times; at the best times, they are silent. That bothers me. I feel like I should be able to remember such simple things, but I fail. As you know, failure is not fun. I know some of you want to tell me that I’m not a failure and I should be easier on myself. I encourage you to look at yourself and see if you have any areas where you unnecessarily condemn yourself. For me, looking at what I just wrote, I sound ridiculous. I feel like I fail at life because I forget some things I need/want to do. Weird.

Anyway, I have stuff to do; this wasn’t much, but I hope it helped someone else too.


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