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Remember It, Please

And He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.” (Luke 7:48)

How comforting those words must have been to hear. Oh wait, Jesus says that to all of us who love Him. Have you ever heard it? Have you ever sensed His affirmation of this fact? Have you breathed the relieved breath of one who grasps this? Has it been too long since it’s happened? Have you forgotten? Have you gotten caught up in trying to replicate that feeling in Bible studies and normal church sermons? Has life caught you in it’s current and dragged your thoughts away? Don’t you know that it’s really all you need to know?

I invite you to come back. I invite you to remember again.What have we been so freely given? The forgiveness of all the manifestations of our rebellion against God (aka, sins). What the junk!?! We would never do that to anyone. But God did it for us. Now He calls us to forgive has He does. He’s told us that if we don’t forgive others, He can’t forgive us. We all have that little voice (or clanging alarm, it depends on the person) that proclaims that to be impossible and therefore God is unjust and cruel to leave us with no chance. May I point out that He also remembers that we are but dust. He remembers that we are ridiculously weak. He remembers. If we ask (and sometimes without our asking), He will help us. He will give us what we need to forgive, and thus be forgiven.

Rest in this: your sins are forgiven. Are you thankful? Find a way to show it.

*This post was more for me than anyone else, but I hope it helped someone*


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