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The Roots of This

Today is my birthday. But when I look back on the last year, it seems to be a smaller time frame then the time since I last wrote something on here. But I digress. Fronting my thoughts is the realization of how drastic the last year of my life has been. I moved from a small farm in rural Ohio to a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri a month after my last birthday, but week after my birthday, I graduated high school (yes, I’m that young). I thought my life was jumping on a fast track to my imminent success in life (and thus happiness), and Kansas City was a three month stop to get my focus on God. Eleven months later, I am still in Kansas City with no plans of leaving anytime soon.

What did I discover here that has kept me? In addition to wise counsel (the path I was on was leading to large debt), I found a well. I found that I was parched. I found love, and I learned how to recognize it in places I hadn’t seen it before. I used to think that love would propel me forward on the path I chose. Well, that’s sometimes true. But there are bigger plans for me then I could think of. Much bigger. My plans sometimes get in the way, and that’s not comfortable. But it’s still love.

Yes, I am talking about God, but I don’t want to be hyper-religious because I know that believers and non-believers go through a lot of the same stuff (and I know they both read this blog). I’m just going to say this: God loves all of us and wants us to love Him, because it’s there where we will be happiest. How He gets us doesn’t always make sense, but it is love in action, and He knows what He’s doing.

Where was I going? Yes, love has pulled me on to a track I did not foresee, and I still don’t like it sometimes. In fact sometimes I regret it all. But then I am reminded of what it’s all about. It’s about learning love. I thought I was going to take on the world and gain success through intellect, charm, and luck, but all those are useless without love. Without love, intellect is arrogant and demeaning to others. Without love, charm is deceiving and greedy. Without love, luck…well luck just does whatever the heck it wants. The point is that I didn’t understand love like I thought I did. I still don’t, but I know more now than I ever did.

I started this blog in an effort to have a place where I can remind myself of things I’ve learned on the way. Some may wonder why I don’t just journal; I’ve found that I can articulate things better if I am telling an audience. You are that audience. Congratulations.

I see love, and I write to you about it. That is what seeingthelove is about.


One comment on “The Roots of This

  1. I will be joining you in good ole’ KC shortly. Smiles. On the job hunt right now. Be excited.

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