I don’t want to write, but it’s been over a month since my last post, and I feel it necessary. So here goes.

I wish I could tell you about the latest example of seeing the Love, but I can’t. I’ve felt disconnected lately. Grumpy, and otherwise not pleasant. Yes, there are times when I am genuinely happy still, but those times seem to be spreading apart rapidly. I wish I could say why, but I don’t think I know exactly why yet and I’m not about to hazard a guess publicly. All I know is, I am unsatisfied. I have longings that aren’t being met. I have dreams that still seem completely unattainable. I have weaknesses that shame me. I am unsatisfied.

Why am I writing such personal stuff for all the world to see? I believe I am not alone. I don’t feel it right now, but I believe it. I know that you who feel the same way will be encouraged by this fact, and that will make it worth it to me.

I know there is love to be seen. I just haven’t seen it yet. I’m going to keep looking. I can’t live well without it. When I see it, I will let you all know.


2 comments on “Unsatisfied

  1. Reading your posts and the steps you have taken I kind of relate to what your talking about, You want the max of God in your life and be totally submitted to him and in his will. Everybody is saying just do it, you have tried it and it doesn’t work and yet you know their is something more. Thats exactly where I was, I am still not their but thanks to Andrew Wommack, one person that understood where I was, I am on my way and I know I’m going to get their. Andrew Wommack is a teacher and has all his teaching free to watch on his website, awmi.net. If their is anybody totally committed to the will of God it is him. Me and my wife have listened to most of his 10 plus years of teaching and it has really helped us. God raises up good teachers and what good are they if we don’t listen what God has to say through them. I would encourage you to check it out with an open mind. He is in Colorado Springs and also has a Bible Collage that I would highly recommend if you really want the most of God in your life.

  2. J-

    Press in! Dissatisfaction and discomfort often are right before breakthrough! I would encourage you to bump up the time you spend in the word and praying for yourself for wisdom and revelation (as someone older and ahem wiser of course). There is so much the Lord wants to show you in this season and if you can press in with all you have now, you will thank yourself later….

    You are such a blessing and I’m glad I stumbled upon this simple statement of discontent. I will be praying for you friend. šŸ™‚


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