Hey look it’s been another month since my last post. But I’m not entirely worried about it, because in all reality, this blog is for me, you just get to read it too. There have been several times I’ve had things to write about, but for various reasons did not and have now forgotten them (funny how that works); consequently, I will write about my most recent sight of love.

I was in the Prayer Room last night trying to decide what to read. I cracked open my Bible (a worn ESV, if you’re curious) and found my marker at the end of Paul’s first letter to Timothy. I almost started reading II Timothy, but then a thought surfaced in my mind: I’ve been reading a lot of Paul’s letters, but ignoring Jesus. I then turned to Matthew’s gospel, and started reading the Sermon On The Mount, which is a basic blueprint for true Christianity. I got stopped by the fourth line: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

That line made me look at myself and ask, do I hunger and thirst for righteousness? That question made me consider the difference between hunger and thirst. In my experience, hunger can be masked and distracted, but thirst is just plain annoying until it’s satisfied. I want to hunger and thirst for righteousness, because then, it’s not about the rules, it’s about being satisfied. It’s about love.

I may hunger now, but do I thirst? I don’t really think so. But I want to. The fact that I want to thirst points to hunger, and that’s good I know. But thirsting I think comes first from a realization of the, for lack of a more efficient term, awesomeness of God and the possible satisfaction therein. I need to find that. I need to thirst.


3 comments on “Thirsting

  1. wanna know something extremely moving?…i don’t know you….i hardly know myself these days…it’s 2:08am and i can’t sleep..again..and i’ve been wrestling with the chaos in my mind for days, trying VERY hard not to talk to God b/c for some reason, i’m just mad….sad, mad, confused, turmoiled…i really don’t know…anyway, i got out of bed cause i didn’t think my constant tossing would make my bf incredibly happy and decided to check out my fave food blogs, and you had a posted a comment under mine under some cupcakes….and for some reason i clicked your link…..and i found your sight about searching…..guess God won…that’s cool…and just turned my frown upside down haha…that’s cheesy…but it’s late….anyway, thought you’d like that…i’ll mention this in my prayers when i go back to bed…thanks dude…

    • That’s awesome Laurie! Glad God used my little blog in your life like that! Thanks for telling me about it, it really encourages me. Truly.;
      Feel free to read my other posts and comment on them as well! (:
      Have a great day!

  2. This is awesome Jonathan. Thanks for that reminder. I find myself all too frequently comfortable and satisfied where I am.

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