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The $3.15 Leap Of Faith

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can speak the loudest of love. If you’re not looking, you won’t see them. The other day for example, I was holding on to $4. They were my last $4.

I was going to a meeting, and felt like getting something at a coffee shop on the way, but felt guilty. As you may know, in Christianity, there’s a thing called tithing. Giving a portion of your earnings to God. Lately I’ve been realizing that I haven’t done that well at keeping up with it. But at the same time I was feeling annoyed at the sense of legalism it holds. You see, when I get money I ask God if it’s for my use, or someone else’s, however, I had this feeling that that doesn’t count as tithing because I wasn’t putting it into a bucket at church. At the same time, I was (and am) absolutely strapped for cash, seeing as I only had four dollars.

Anyway, I felt like getting my usual at the coffee shop, a medium spiced chai,  on the way to this meeting. So I shot up a half-hearted prayer, “God, should I buy a $3.15 chai with the last of my cash?” (Not a direct quote) I was surprised to feel a “yes”. I questioned it all the way to the coffee shop. Once there, I saw two things: a couple of my friends in line ahead of me, and hot apple cider for about $2.  Immediately I wanted to buy the cider, not because I wanted it more than chai, but because it was cheaper. I asked my friends which I should go for, not telling my financial situation. Both said chai. And you know what? It was the perfect chai. The perfect temperature, texture, and taste. It made my day. And I’m glad I spend that money. Thinking back on it all, I believe I could be better with tithing, but I’m not horrid like I once believed me to be.

So even if you’re like me living on next-to-nothing and the support of people who believe in what you’re doing (that’s a different story altogether), remember that taking risks can be totally worth it. Love hides in many places, and some take giant leaps of faith to reach. And yes, $3.15 can be a leap of faith. A big one.


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