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Kicking Against Thorns

In Hosea 2, there is a concept introduced of the hedge of thorns. It’s when God practically traps us to keep us from wandering off. It’s uncomfortable if you try to escape, but if you start to follow Him, the thorns don’t stick you. I don’t know about you, but if someone puts a restriction on me that I don’t understand the reason for, I will most likely buck. If God puts a hedge around me that I don’t understand the reason for, I will kick against those thorns. Sometimes with humans, that restriction can be bucked off or explained so that you can understand it and be okay with it. With God, He’ll explain it to you when He wants, and until then, you’ll bleed all over and make a mess.

I’m not sure I’d call it breaking you, but He wants your trust. It’s like jumping in a stable with a colt. At first he” be skittish and stay away from you. I had that situation once as a kid, but with a calf.


This isn’t her, but she was a Hereford like this little guy.

For whatever reason, I decided I’d tame this calf. It was in a pen for weaning anyway, so I’d stand by her pen every day and put my hand on her. She’d freak out, every time. But after a couple weeks, she was fine. After a few more weeks, I could step in the pen and pet her. By then, she was fully weaned and released back to the rest of the bovine population. Even out in the pasture, I could approach her and pet her for years thereafter. After some time however, she became skittish again. I think it might have been the lack of daily contact, combined with other human interaction that was not so friendly. Point being, I seem to be in a pen, and God’s standing there trying to get me to trust Him.

Now with a horse, you have to break them. Some trainers prefer to break the spirit of the horse, to make them fully subject to the trainer. I don’t think God’s like that. I think God wants us to daily, even moment to moment, and voluntarily make the decision to follow Him out of love. At the same time, I believe there’s a little bit of breaking that needs to happen. Some trapping unto trusting. And it sucks at first, but it’s okay. It’ll be okay. I have to tell myself that all the time it seems.


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