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Processing The Process

For the last couple weeks I haven’t had work or a properly working car, so I’ve had a lot of time at home, alone. I’ve tried to keep myself distracted with Netflix and games as apparently many unemployed 20-somethings do, but it’s not really effective. In fact, I’m miserable. I want to get out there […]

Kicking Against Thorns

Kicking Against Thorns

In Hosea 2, there is a concept introduced of the hedge of thorns. It’s when God practically traps us to keep us from wandering off. It’s uncomfortable if you try to escape, but if you start to follow Him, the thorns don’t stick you. I don’t know about you, but if someone puts a restriction […]

Love Can Cause Pain

Growing up, one of the main methods of discipline my parents practiced was spanking. Every time I got my backside warmed, I would get angry at whichever parent just doled out that punishment. I didn’t really think about why that was until yesterday in the Prayer Room. I was thinking about how I just hate […]

Open & Vulnerable Rambling

The Christian life can be hard. As can life in general. Of course when makes a wrong choice, life gets worse. Sometimes I decide to sin, to put it plainly, but I’m always filled with regret later. Why? Because I know that if I don’t stop, life won’t improve. Well that’s weird. Isn’t the point […]

How Should I Know?

In the last few weeks I have been working in the media department of the International House of Prayer as a webstream camera operator. You may think that that is a simple job, which it would be if I were controlling only one camera and didn’t need to pay attention to composition. I control five […]

The Roots of This

Today is my birthday. But when I look back on the last year, it seems to be a smaller time frame then the time since I last wrote something on here. But I digress. Fronting my thoughts is the realization of how drastic the last year of my life has been. I moved from a […]

Just Do It!

Today I woke up quite late, most likely caused by staying up super late. Why did I stay up super late? Because I just didn’t care. I knew I didn’t have anything to do today, so why would I care what time I got up? As I think about it, I realize that there is […]