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Processing The Process

For the last couple weeks I haven’t had work or a properly working car, so I’ve had a lot of time at home, alone. I’ve tried to keep myself distracted with Netflix and games as apparently many unemployed 20-somethings do, but it’s not really effective. In fact, I’m miserable. I want to get out there […]

Kicking Against Thorns

Kicking Against Thorns

In Hosea 2, there is a concept introduced of the hedge of thorns. It’s when God practically traps us to keep us from wandering off. It’s uncomfortable if you try to escape, but if you start to follow Him, the thorns don’t stick you. I don’t know about you, but if someone puts a restriction […]

The Exchange Rate of Love

What does delighting oneself in someone look like? That’s the question rolling around in my head tonight. I was reading Psalm 37:4, one of those verses found on calendars, coffee mugs, and Thomas Kinkade paintings: “Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (ESV) Well, you better believe […]

The Holy Day Off

The other day, I was thinking about rebellion and passive-aggressiveness, and the combination of the two, mostly because I had just been called out about it. I was thinking about how God dealt with rebellion in the Bible, and I could only think of a few times where¬† it was mentioned. The first I thought […]

The $3.15 Leap Of Faith

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can speak the loudest of love. If you’re not looking, you won’t see them. The other day for example, I was holding on to $4. They were my last $4. I was going to a meeting, and felt like getting something at a coffee shop on the way, but […]

Looking Forward

Lately I’ve been wanting to write a blog post, but, like now, I feel perplexed as to what to write. I know that I have seen love, and there are faint ideas, but none seem to come to fruition. Maybe a good dose of reality is needed (and hopefully some cool stuff will come out […]


I don’t want to write, but it’s been over a month since my last post, and I feel it necessary. So here goes. I wish I could tell you about the latest example of seeing the Love, but I can’t. I’ve felt disconnected lately. Grumpy, and otherwise not pleasant. Yes, there are times when I […]